The Best Free Audio Analyzers

  When doing Sound design or mixdowns, it’s important to know which part of the spectrum is being used by a channel. Working with a analyzer makes it easier to group audio into one channel and control your mix better, without losing an overview. It allows you to work with subtractive EQing on a much[…]


10 Free Patches for NI Massive

I love NI’s Massive synth. It’s sounds rich, with an intuitive UI and has some unique functionality. Like the stepped LFO and drag and drop on virtually any parameter. These patches are a teaser of what is still to come. I am working on some tutorials an perhaps a preset bank for Massive.  For now[…]


Free Arras BuddyPress Child Theme

[Update] User Satiro was kind enough to share some of his modifications:  “This is my custom Buddypress CSS, but is developed especially for viewing of profiles and private messages.” [error] This projects is no longer supported. This page is here merely as a place where people can find the download and add-ons by others. [/error] BrownBuddy is a Arras[…]