Why is Massive not responding to MIDI velocity (in my pianoroll)?

With some patches Massive doet not respond to velocity changes that are being inputted by the piano roll or midi keyboard. This can be a very annoying little thing taking the fun out of playing a synth really quickly. Massive is so modular and flexible some simple features are just a bit hidden. Some of[…]


New FL studio – giving my multitouch monitor a place in the workflow.

It’s here. And its quiet something indeed. Image line have a great policy in terms of licensing. Once you have bought it, you can update for life. This pushes them to make software that prospecting procuders will buy, but also ones that already own another DAW.  Instead of building on a base of users that are ‘used[…]


Setting Up DAW Templates (workflow enhancement)

Making templates (in any form) is always a good time saver. So what makes a good template? One important aspect (and much overlooked) is to keep it open – meaning you should not add any colourisation that might not be needed. Sometimes it’s an important part of the work-flow, and you might have some distortion[…]


Bass Resampling technique Part 1

While doing my usual routine, lurking on production forums and occasionally posting about production, I got asked to do a tutorial showing my bass resampling technique. So I’ve decided to split this up in 3 parts. Next part we will be using massive to create some fat bass sounds, 3rd will be about layering them. In the first[…]