Tired Of Cancer App

Tired Of Cancer App

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I worked on a infographic for The Ad Agency in Leiden, The Netherlands. They wanted a song that would be non intrusive yet supportive of the  info graphic’s message.  I came up with a combination of minimalist sound design elements combined with indie pop-esque guitar with xylophone music timed to the moving pictures.

The ‘TiredofCancer’ app offers cancer patients,
as well as former cancer patients, a way out of their fatigue problem.

At home, in their own environment, patients gain an insight into their own behavior, emotions and thoughts.
Cancer patients learn how to deal with stress,reduce anxiety,set borders and sleep better.

This helps to reduce fatigue.

This app is founded on mindfulness based cognitive therapy
and has been developed by psychologists and researchers specialized in oncology.



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November 5, 2013