Hey there. I'm Durk Kooistra. A sound designer from Holland.

I'm addicted to anything that resonates
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My favorite Plugins from the KVR Challange ’12

I know it's rather late after the fact (the fact being a competition, hosted by KVR annually). But the competition is getting stronger every year. And thus it takes me longer to give them all a shot. to be fair, I have not (yet) tried them all. In...

Experimental Dubstep Awarded

Together with Cliffhanga I worked on a bespoke sample pack for Rankin Audio. I was asked to focus on bass and atmospheres. Rankin Audio has been a steady force in the bass music sample market, releasing packs by critically acclaimed  artists and sound designers....

The Audio Spotlight Interview

I recently did an interview with The Audio Spotlight. It's a great resource for sound designer and aspiring sound designers alike to read up on industry news and interviews with sound designers and composers. Among other there are great interviews with Charles Maynes,...

Audio as a Game Controller

Ahve a look at this wicked video from GDC 2012 with Bram de Jong (ex smartelectronix, founder of freesound.org and freemusicdsp.org) demostrating his new companies middle ware with a demo game. The game is being controlled by audio. Altoufh still rudimentary, this...

JB Legacy VST bundle – Now free download

The maker of Tonebooster plugins (which I highly recommend) Jereon Breebaard has dedicated his old plugins to the public domain (in distribution, not in code as far as I am aware). I wont be doing a friday freebie alert on this bundle. Simply because there would be...

New free U-he Synth: Podolski

Another freebie by virtual synth developer U-he. Known for great emulations of analogue gear, this free synth is another addition to the growing family of digital analogue instruments. Podolski is a simple, CPU-efficient virtual analogue synthesizer. Basically a cut...

About Me

Thanks for stopping by! I'm Durk, a sound designer from Holland. I specialize in synthesis, tool development and interactive and linear media sound design.
I also teach students from all over the world via the internet or where ever I am invited. You can also hire me to help you on your music or sound design project locally!



I occassionally make video’s for the Humanworkshop Channel. Mostly tutorials on sound design.


I do online tutoring via youtube stream. You’ll be able to see and hear everything I do and ask questions as we go through the material.


When I make something that I think people might enjoy I upload them to the freebee section.

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