Hey there. I'm Durk Kooistra. A sound designer from Holland.

I'm addicted to anything that resonates
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Headphones in the studio

I recently upgraded my headphone inventory with the purchase of the LCD-2 (rev 2) by Audeze. The headphone is extremely flat and analytical and is a great addition to any studio where critical listening is important. I still like the sound of my Focal monitors better,...

Beyerdynamic DT 770 Recabling (mod)

My trusted pair of DT-770 cans have been collecting dust for a while. This was mostly due to the fact one side, the right,  stopped working. So I recently opened it up to discover the factory TRS cable was tearing, causing the right to loose signal. Luckily the...

About Me

Thanks for stopping by! I'm Durk, a sound designer from Holland. I specialize in synthesis, tool development and interactive and linear media sound design.
I also teach students from all over the world via the internet or where ever I am invited. You can also hire me to help you on your music or sound design project locally!



I occassionally make video’s for the Humanworkshop Channel. Mostly tutorials on sound design.


I do online tutoring via youtube stream. You’ll be able to see and hear everything I do and ask questions as we go through the material.


When I make something that I think people might enjoy I upload them to the freebee section.

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