New free U-he Synth: Podolski

Another freebie by virtual synth developer U-he. Known for great emulations of analogue gear, this free synth is another addition to the growing family of digital analogue instruments. Podolski is a simple, CPU-efficient virtual analogue synthesizer. Basically a cut down version of FilterscapeVA with just one oscillator, one filter, one envelope and two LFOs, it[…]


Freeware Friday: Dual Linkwitz-Riley Filters [WIN]

Christian Budde,known for his free VST’s and Synth Edit modules has a collection of very interesting plugins much like the one were discussing here today. Small, dedicated to one task and most of them do it well. It’s a typical workflow enhancer. The concept is fairly simple. It’s both a HP and LP filter. It[…]


Freeware Friday: Smart Electronix Ambience (MAC, WIN)

A freeware reverb by the kind folks over at Smart Electronix. Ambience is a simpel yet very effective reverb with a great distinct sound. It excels at overhead miked drums – adding a silky touch. But, in all fairness, I know my readers. Overhead miked drums? Indeed, this is also a great plugin for your[…]


Big Tick Audio: Zen

For my upcoming massive presets I might be using Big tick audio”s Zen. It features a way of selling patches, letting users audition them before they buy it. Zen can work with any vst-compatible synth, but plugins require to be activated on the main Zen database before they can be used. It loads in any[…]