Bass Resampling technique Part 1

While doing my usual routine, lurking on production forums and occasionally posting about production, I got asked to do a tutorial showing my bass resampling technique. So I’ve decided to split this up in 3 parts. Next part we will be using massive to create some fat bass sounds, 3rd will be about layering them. In the first[…]


Using your body for heavy bass sounds

I really like using your body’s electrical current to create sounds. I recorded the clicks and dynamic hum created by simply touching my contact mic’s.  Then route that trough a chain of fx to get some useful rich sounding glitches. Now if you own a Sherman filterbank(2) like the guy in this video, you might[…]


Massive Arpeggiated Lead

I love NI’s Massive synth. It’s sounds rich, has an intuitive UI and some unique functionality. In this tutorial we will learn how create a dubstep or drum and bass lead in NI’s Massive. (watch in HQ). In this tutorial we will learn how to create a dubstep or drum and bass lead in NI’s[…]


Massive Wobble tutorial (dubstep drum and bass)

In this 3 part video series, we will explore Massive, NI’s quasi analog synth with a “massive” edge. Included in every tutorial are Massive presets. I would recommend watching in fullscreen mode (HD). HWS Presets hws tut1.ksd hws tut2.ksd hws tut3.ksd* Resources: NI Massive forum Massive @ KVR KVR Preset DB   httpvh://