New FL studio – giving my multitouch monitor a place in the workflow.

It’s here. And its quiet something indeed. Image line have a great policy in terms of licensing. Once you have bought it, you can update for life. This pushes them to make software that prospecting procuders will buy, but also ones that already own another DAW.  Instead of building on a base of users that are ‘used[…]


Digital show and tell: Dither, Anti Aliasing, Bit Depth & Sample Rate

A unique and utterly well executed video demonstration of digital format behavior on analog gear. I most often just post video’s by other’s on Facebook these days (check the page if you have not already). But this one does alot of demystifying and.. well it’s just explained so good, most teachers on a uni would do their students a[…]


Experimental Dubstep Awarded

Together with Cliffhanga I worked on a bespoke sample pack for Rankin Audio. I was asked to focus on bass and atmospheres. Rankin Audio has been a steady force in the bass music sample market, releasing packs by critically acclaimed  artists and sound designers. [button_purche url=http://www.rankinaudio.com/shop/experiments-in-dubstep bottom_text=”Directly from Rankin Audio”]Buy[/button_purche] The pack has been received well[…]


The Audio Spotlight Interview

I recently did an interview with The Audio Spotlight. It’s a great resource for sound designer and aspiring sound designers alike to read up on industry news and interviews with sound designers and composers. Among other there are great interviews with Charles Maynes, Tim prebble and Daan Hendriks to name a view. Here’s mine: theaudiospotlight.com


Audio as a Game Controller

Ahve a look at this wicked video from GDC 2012 with Bram de Jong (ex smartelectronix, founder of freesound.org and freemusicdsp.org) demostrating his new companies middle ware with a demo game. The game is being controlled by audio. Altoufh still rudimentary, this really opens doors!


New free U-he Synth: Podolski

Another freebie by virtual synth developer U-he. Known for great emulations of analogue gear, this free synth is another addition to the growing family of digital analogue instruments. Podolski is a simple, CPU-efficient virtual analogue synthesizer. Basically a cut down version of FilterscapeVA with just one oscillator, one filter, one envelope and two LFOs, it[…]


Freeware Friday: Dual Linkwitz-Riley Filters [WIN]

Christian Budde,known for his free VST’s and Synth Edit modules has a collection of very interesting plugins much like the one were discussing here today. Small, dedicated to one task and most of them do it well. It’s a typical workflow enhancer. The concept is fairly simple. It’s both a HP and LP filter. It[…]