Interview with Chris Aalberts about VATMOSS (Dutch)

I have done an interview with dutch journalist Chris Aalberts about the new EU VAT rules regarding digital sales and the challenges it poses for  small internet entrepreneurs.  He ended up writing a whole series about VATMOSS using my story as an example throughout the articles. It’s in dutch, as might you have guessed. Have a[…]


The Audio Spotlight Interview

I recently did an interview with The Audio Spotlight. It’s a great resource for sound designer and aspiring sound designers alike to read up on industry news and interviews with sound designers and composers. Among other there are great interviews with Charles Maynes, Tim prebble and Daan Hendriks to name a view. Here’s mine:


Interview: Frank Riggio

Frank comes from a background of sampling, heavily influenced by jazz, old soundtracks and sometimes drenched in a exotic flavor. The new releases are a departure from this style and is (even more) concentrating on the technical aspects of sound design. The sound of the EP’s are inspiring collages, a hybrid of wonky beats fused[…]