Interview with Chris Aalberts about VATMOSS (Dutch)

I have done an interview with dutch journalist Chris Aalberts about the new EU VAT rules regarding digital sales and the challenges it poses for  small internet entrepreneurs.  He ended up writing a whole series about VATMOSS using my story as an example throughout the articles. It’s in dutch, as might you have guessed. Have a[…]


New rules affecting digital sales (mp3’s, patches etc)

I don’t like writing about VAT or as North Americans call it Tax rules. But that’s what this post will be about. It’s about more than just the boring new rules imposed on digital traders but also the general state of things for a small entrepreneur on the the internet. Or kids… Imagine; you have[…]


Why is Massive not responding to MIDI velocity (in my pianoroll)?

With some patches Massive doet not respond to velocity changes that are being inputted by the piano roll or midi keyboard. This can be a very annoying little thing taking the fun out of playing a synth really quickly. Massive is so modular and flexible some simple features are just a bit hidden. Some of[…]


AMD launches ‘TrueAudio’ – DSP onboard your graphics card?

An interesting move from AMD. In an attempt to change the way audio is handled until now on PC games – in software, not hardware – AMD has been working on something they call TrueAudio. As a sound designer these developments are very interesting indeed and the potential sonic benefits are as vast as the[…]