Finally me and my family moved in to our new house. More space for everyone! We went from having 75m2 to now a whopping 200m2 at our disposal. And not only that, it’s close to the city and the beach at the time. All in all were a bunch of happy campers. I have been extremely busy as one can imagine, running the shop and moving at the same time. Currently still busy with both but this summer I am planning on building a new home studio.


My website is using wordpress as a CMS and I was using a theme from a developer from Envato. Sadly the theme was not supported anymore and a WordPress update broke the website. So I am currently testing some new things and have a temporary website to keep the shop open.

Just a short message to let you all know I am still alive and the website will shape up soon. There might be short period of testing where the site goes in Maintenance mode.