With some patches Massive doet not respond to velocity changes that are being inputted by the piano roll or midi keyboard. This can be a very annoying little thing taking the fun out of playing a synth really quickly. Massive is so modular and flexible some simple features are just a bit hidden. Some of those things are due to macros not being assigned. Most notably velocity but also key tracking and the amp module envelope (which is just a regular envelope, env4 initially to be precise).

Here lies our answer, by dropping the velocity macro on the the amp module we connect midi input velocity to massive’s output. For the master ADSR, env 4 is added in the initial and start patches in massive while with many other synths there is a dedicated ADSR.  Why is this?  Some find it annoying at first, but it’s a design philosophy. Instead of crowding the interface with controls, everything is designed to be applied to any parameter.


Drag and drop Macro control Vel on the Amp mod. See Image for visual aid.


1) Macro Control Vel, 2)Amp Module