My trusted pair of DT-770 cans have been collecting dust for a while. This was mostly due to the fact one side, the right,  stopped working. So I recently opened it up to discover the factory TRS cable was tearing, causing the right to loose signal. Luckily the drivers were fine.


Broken cable of the DT 770 – Magnified top right corner.

Getting the goods

So I set out to find more about recabling at Head-Fi, a nice forum with headphone user and fanatics alike.  A good place to make a informed decision when upgrading cans. But before I was gonna upgrade anything, my cable needed one first. There was a great thread (with pics of every step!) which was perfect. All I needed was finding the stuff needed in my local hifi/hardware stores.

As TRS cables are hard to come by with coating in place and all I ended up buying a Jack chassis and Jack cable. The cable inside the can was long enough to simply cut and solder to the Jack Chassis. Oh and this ended up being a lot cheaper than buying another (bad quality) factory cable.  And more durable! I might end up getting a fancy looking cable, just for the placebo, oh the ignorant bliss!

Plug ‘n Solder

Next step was cutting the TRS cable (the red, blue and orange/copper) as close as possible to the breached part. Untangle the wires far enough so you can burn of the coating on the individual string. The coating will flame a bit, make sure to scrape the residue off the strings. Put the ground (copper colored) on the middle part of the Jack Chassis, put the wire trough the ring and solder it tight. Don’t use too much solder. Now do the same for the right and left side by attaching them to the sides of the Jack Chassis. My jack chassis was a tiny bit too big, so I used a knife to carve out a tiny bit and connected it via the screw on the outside of the can.

Now no more heavy cable hanging on my chest – the old cable was one of those curled, oldskool telephone cable, only bigger 😀 But a great solution that will be much more forgiving of my clumsy studio practises.

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