An interesting move from AMD. In an attempt to change the way audio is handled until now on PC games – in software, not hardware – AMD has been working on something they call TrueAudio. As a sound designer these developments are very interesting indeed and the potential sonic benefits are as vast as the limits the hardware will impose.

Wwise - TrueAudio

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This could take out a big chunk of data in the software side of things. Reservations as a sound designer lay in the single company approach of AMD. From their perspective most likely the best or even only way to go. However I wonder how integration with middleware works out and… what about PC’s with other brands? Will there be more other proprietary formats, something like ‘RealAudio’. Oh well, the demo was supposed to be nice, so keen to see and most of all hear it in action!

Another thing I think will hold this technology back is the simple fact DSP audio hardware units are dying out for a reason in the pro audio industry. Ironically I will be getting my first UAD card but it’s purely out of  compatibility reasons with projects from another studio. A studio that started out in 90’s 😉

On the other hand; there was some great music back in the day made with audio hardware on PC’s! Mind you there is still a fairly active community working with Sega, Amiga even gameboys to make music. Oh and while on a side track here, ever seen a Teletext based DAW?

Via AnandTech Portal