It’s here. And its quiet something indeed. Image line have a great policy in terms of licensing. Once you have bought it, you can update for life. This pushes them to make software that prospecting procuders will buy, but also ones that already own another DAW.  Instead of building on a base of users that are ‘used to work with it’ and charge for new versions, IL shows it can be done differently.

I have been a FL user for years now. Most likely the best purchase I did – not only in terms of quality, but certainly in terms of value. I work with other DAW’s (and for a reason, each workhorse has its pro’s and cons) too, but everytime there is a new version I am always looking at it with mixed feelings. Was that feature really worth the upgrade? Is that upgrade price a little steep compared to what you get for it etc etc. But enough with the flowery tale about FL’s policy in comparison. What’s new compared to version 10?


Oh yeah baby! I will be using this feature extensively and get back with my findings. But it promises to be a great addition to my workflow. Combined with patcher and the new and improved flowstone (fma SynthMaker) this will be a treat for the ears and eyes. Think of what you can do with all the routing and building blocks provided by Flowstone (think reaktor UI creation) and combination with the modular connectivity you get from Patcher.  Thye have added new plugins too, which I will defo have a look at too obviously.

More on this when I have actually tested it for a while. For now, things are looking really bright.

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