A freeware reverb by the kind folks over at Smart Electronix. Ambience is a simpel yet very effective reverb with a great distinct sound.

It excels at overhead miked drums – adding a silky touch. But, in all fairness, I know my readers. Overhead miked drums? Indeed, this is also a great plugin for your Vengeance and other carefully processed sample pack drums.

What’s really nice about the plugin, besides it’s nice UI, is the gating section ad the EQ. Located at the very top these sections are great ways to shape the reverberation. The EQ section is a great way to emphasize on certain elements in your mix. You can even set up 2 bass channels with different freq setting. Either corresponding to root notes or simply adding different flavors.

Gating Reverb

There’s plenty of reasons why one would want to gate their reverb – most obviously taming strong transients, making them wet, but without the tail.

Typical noise gate. This is a file from the Wikimedia Commons. Click image for more info

A less traditional way of using the gate section would be adding Ambiance to a Buss channel and setting it 100% wet and using a LP at the end of your chain. Cut Really low, so that only sub frequencies pass. Route your snare, maybe a high pitched ghost kick, percussion and anything you think might benefit from some low presence. When used moderately and within a mix with enough headroom, this can add some really chunky weight to your mix.

All in all another solid freebee! Go over to Magnus’ smart electronix page and DL!