Time for knobs! free ones as a matter of fact. They can be used in VST’s, or programs that let you script your own interface (Max MSP, Reaktor etc).  In the free zip you’ll find different sizes of knobs and and a slider. The formats are Targa and knobmans .knob files.

Knobman is a nice free, and easy to use program designed for making stitched images and comes with all the right tools to make a semi realistic knob. There are excellent knobs by a japanese Knobman user called AZ (Moog to 303 style knobs). The knobs I made are a bit futuristic 😉

The knobs will be used for the update of the very first kontakt instruments I ever made, back in the day for Humanworkshop. Now 2 versions of Kontakt down the line you can use your own images for the parameters.

  • 3 knobman templates
  • 5 rendered Targa files (stitched images incl Alpha)


The knobs are licensed under Creative commons Attribution Share Alike 2.0. You may alter them to your own taste for use in commercial projects. Changing colors etc is easy in knobman  – since it’s free you don’t have any excuse not downloading it!

[button_download url=http://durkkooistra.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/Durks_Free_UI_pack.zip bottom_text=”ZIP file, 2mb”]Download[/button_download]