Bass resampling tutorial pt 2 (Macro automations)

While doing my usual routine, lurking on production forums and occasionally posting about production, I got asked to do a tutorial showing my bass resampling technique.

[info] Update: A list of granular tools has been added - click here

So I’ve decided to split this up in 3 parts. Next part we will be using massive to create some fat bass sounds, 3rd will be about layering them. In the 2nd part I show you how to use NI Massive's Macro Controls, and do a walktrough of a pre resample tage project. Watch in HD for the tiny letters.


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  1. nick

    !!!! thank you so much!!!! thanx for sharing.looking forwrd 4the last one

    • Durk

      Cheers! I’ll upload the last part early this week.

  2. nick

    Cant wait!! thank you so much!

  3. chad

    amazing job love the way you do your tutorials keep it rolling man!!!!!!!!!!


  4. chad

    ya wheres the linx for the granulizer used ? what would i use in abelton?

    • Durk

      I added them to the post with the granular tutorial. I’ll add them to this post too. Cheers.

  5. chad

    thanks so much and i played fall out man its sick!!!!!!

  6. chad


    • Durk

      Hehehe, building up the anticipation here 😉

      There was a frame rate rpoblem with the recording, so I had to do it all over from scratch. This weekend, for sure!

  7. chad


  8. bert

    just got onto these through DOA…. lovin it man…. keep up the good work. cant wait for pt.3 … got a few sounds of my own i wann utilise with it… cant wait! :)

  9. okaz

    exuse me your file ksd bass resemplig its possible to download?

    • Durk

      Nope – There’s 10 free patches in the freebie section

  10. okaz

    ok thx great tuto thx

  11. okaz

    your sell your file ?

    • Durk

      Nope – I’m afraid I never saved the patch, or in any case dunno what it’s names/located.

      I’ll be releasing kontakt instruments tho. Keep an eye on my website.

  12. okaz

    ok nice thx

  13. Rafael

    When you say bounce each mixer separately and load them in a different project…what do you exactly mean?
    I´m a bit confused: you resample each channel independently to ableton and then you gather them again in FL studio after the treatment you made to the audio on Ableton live? or you keep resampling the whole project each time you add something new to the song, so you can keep a gold line on the sound of it?

    • Durk

      Hey; I only bounce my ptoject to Ableton because I like to compose in Ableton more then in FL – No other reason than that really. If you like either one better, you can simply only use that. Granulizer is FL only, so you’d need to use a granular synth/effect for that if you dont use FL. Hope this helps!

  14. ian

    cool tutorial, is there any way you could show us this in alchemy?

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