Bass resampling Part 3

While doing my usual routine, lurking on production forums and occasionally posting about production, I got asked to do a tutorial showing my bass resampling technique.

[info] Update: A list of granular tools has been added - click here

So I’ve decided to split this up in 3 parts. Next part we will be using massive to create some fat bass sounds, 3rd will be about layering them. In the 2nd part I show you how to use NI Massive’s Macro Controls, and do a walktrough of a pre resample tage project. Watch in HD for the tiny letters.


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  1. nice one mate!!!

  2. nick

    omg!!!!!the best way to start your day!!!!
    thank you durk!!!!!!

  3. Durk

    cheers guys!

  4. chad

    your the best and in depth would be great like for what its worth on a month or every 2 as long as its well done and done on really interesting cutting edge matierial ,i think would be worth waiting for.who knows you may become very proficiant and fast at it!!!!!!:)

    • Durk

      Cheers mate. Might be the way to go indeed.

  5. Bart

    I just love your tutorials man!!

    Any change you could do a more in depth tut on fx chains?


    • Durk

      I’ve been thinking about doing a tut about FX xhains for free plugs only. Sort of an homage to freeware. Will include presets etc.

      Don;t know when it will be done though.

  6. chad

    awesome and if you have any idea upon how to use battery and abelton drum racks together let me know im stumped and apparently there is no work around the reason it matters is because i use an apc and im not about to rewrite the note view script and end up fuckin it all up feel me?

  7. hey durk, been using some of the techniques you have shown in your vids. here is a track i have made, its not to the same depth of sound as yours but its getting closer to the sounds i am trying to create.

    let us know if there is anything other i can do to improve the sound design/mix



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