Bass Resampling technique Part 1


While doing my usual routine, lurking on production forums and occasionally posting about production, I got asked to do a tutorial showing my bass resampling technique.

So I’ve decided to split this up in 3 parts. Next part we will be using massive to create some fat bass sounds, 3rd will be about layering them. In the first part I show how I granulize audio used in the example posted here before (or similair sounding anyway). Watch in HD for the tiny letters.

Free & Cheap Granular Synth’s

[tabgroup] [tab title=”MAC + WIN”]

Skanner XT

Grain Player




[/tab] [tab title=”WIN Only”]Grapheed[/tab] [tab title=”MAC Only”]Gleck[/tab] [/tabgroup]

10 thoughts on “Bass Resampling technique Part 1

    • hey durk, i stumbled across your blog a couple of days ago and have been very inspired by your techniques. I have only been producing for a couple of years and come across the resampling idea on various forums. but didnt really understand it. Looking forward to seeing tutorial 3 mate…..would also like to know if you offer any kind of tuition? check out my

      keep up the great work mate.


      Vapourdub (London, UK)

      • Cheers!
        I might be doing some classes in The Netherlands (where I live). If and when I do I will add a section and might be offering some kind of interactive tuition online.

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  • Do you prefer FL studio for sample editing because you believe it’s a superior editor for workflow and what not? Or is it just preference due to being more comfortable with it? Just wondering since I use a mac and was envious of how quick Edison allows you cut paste and drag and drop to other tracks..

    • Edison is a great tool – drag n drop is pretty unique. In the sense that Edison is like a native soundforge/Audition in a DAW – finetuned for it’s respective host (FL). In the end every DAW has it;s perks and it’s downsides. Personally I like to work with multiple DAW’s in different situations.

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