Sound Design to Video in FL Studio? Yes You Can!


I first started out making music in the 90’s on tracker software. First there was fastracker (2), later modplug etc.  While I see many disadvantages in working in FL studio on general Post production work, but for smaller games on platforms like the I-phone, flash-games etc there are some real pro’s to it. I have never given it much thought really. FL lacks native support for Video, AAF or OMF etc. But, there has been a video plugin for quite some time, as I found out recently. It’s loop based and thus ideal for working on a sound list saving multiple instances of sessions.  People who have worked on FL (and liked it) will see why I was quite happy to find out about this video functionality. FL has arguably the most intuitive piano roll with great tools for automation etc.

For me personally it’s also  just a program I feel at home of course. I think you could compare it to working in Ableton for sound design, which many people seem to like. If you are used to a DAW for making music, there is a big chance you have spent many hours on hit, in a creative workflow. Hence doing creative and experimental things, you wouldnt be bothered with when working on a project with a tight deadline.

I know FL is a much debated topic on forums around the interwebs.  And not always very positive. I am not going in to any of that other than mentioning that, no I would not use FL studio for heavy projects, simply because FL is still very much tracker based. Not ideal for working with big stems etc.  I have worked with Pro Tools and Nuendo which are both great DAW’s for Post. I just like my new video plugin too:)

3 thoughts on “Sound Design to Video in FL Studio? Yes You Can!

  • I would like to know exactly where you feel Fl studio lacks in features and automation, Quite simply, Fl studio is not only the best user friendly daw, But its the quickest way to get your tracks down from your head.

    You can then rewire fl studio into ableton and use ableton to master off your project, The compatibility with fl studio and the wide range of imageline plugins are very useful and high quality.

    People diss fl studio but don’t have any real cons as to why it sucks, I’ve used fl studio since version 6, in around 2007 I started producing and I have tried ableton, but unless I read a huge tutorial I find ableton live very difficult for basic things such as mastering.

    But None the less all daws these days lack in features, but one thing that seperates fl studio from the rest is the user community and the developers who constantly seek not only to improve and add features in fl studio, but to make it as simple as possible.

    Just cause something is alittle more challenging to learn doesn’t make it a better daw, I have heard great songs produced on fl studio, And for dance music its quite simply the best to work with hands down.

    Maybe later in life I will explore other daws, but its been 6 years now and I still love fl studio and I think people need to give it the respect it deserves

    • Hello Vic. I am afraid you did not really grasp the content of this article.

      You are talking about music production. I am talking about post production – it’s 2 different things, very different.

      I quiet frankly perfectly explain the downsides – not compatible with OMF or AAF and no video native support.

      I hate DAW wars and hope you dont spend too much energy on it either, it’s such a waste. Just enjoy the tools you have. I know I do.

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