I first started out making music in the 90’s on tracker software. First there was fastracker (2), later modplug etc.  While I see many disadvantages in working in FL studio on general Post production work, but for smaller games on platforms like the I-phone, flash-games etc there are some real pro’s to it. I have never given it much thought really. FL lacks native support for Video, AAF or OMF etc. But, there has been a video plugin for quite some time, as I found out recently. It’s loop based and thus ideal for working on a sound list saving multiple instances of sessions.  People who have worked on FL (and liked it) will see why I was quite happy to find out about this video functionality. FL has arguably the most intuitive piano roll with great tools for automation etc.

For me personally it’s also  just a program I feel at home of course. I think you could compare it to working in Ableton for sound design, which many people seem to like. If you are used to a DAW for making music, there is a big chance you have spent many hours on hit, in a creative workflow. Hence doing creative and experimental things, you wouldnt be bothered with when working on a project with a tight deadline.

I know FL is a much debated topic on forums around the interwebs.  And not always very positive. I am not going in to any of that other than mentioning that, no I would not use FL studio for heavy projects, simply because FL is still very much tracker based. Not ideal for working with big stems etc.  I have worked with Pro Tools and Nuendo which are both great DAW’s for Post. I just like my new video plugin too:)