[Update] User Satiro was kind enough to share some of his modifications:  “This is my custom Buddypress CSS, but is developed especially for viewing of profiles and private messages.”

[error] This projects is no longer supported. This page is here merely as a place where people can find the download and add-ons by others. [/error]

BrownBuddy is a Arras child theme optimized for buddypress.  A child theme is the best way to keep your theme up to date, without losing your own tweaks to the CSS etc. If you want to integrate buddypress into your own theme, it’s therefore wise to use a child theme.

a more social arras theme

The great Arras Theme did not yet have a child theme that made it compatible with buddypress. Since WP 3.0 it’s been a real treat in the community dept. Since the major update WP has become a bit more social, and you can turn your WP in to a multisite (formerly known as WPMU) with a view simple steps or even a plugin!


Automattic(the company behind WordPress) is doing the development of buddypress so maybe it will be integrated eventually too. Until that time, you can now use Arras as a buddypress theme with my childtheme.

download & demo

You need the Arras Theme for this child theme to work!
Below you can download the updated and better child theme by Satiro:

[button_download url=http://www.megaupload.com/?d=RQNWBQFN bottom_text=”Satiro’s updated version”]Download[/button_download]