10 Free Patches for NI Massive

I love NI's Massive synth. It's sounds rich, with an intuitive UI and has some unique functionality. Like the stepped LFO and drag and drop on virtually any parameter. These patches are a teaser of what is still to come. I am working on some tutorials an perhaps a preset bank for Massive.  For now enjoy these freebies and subscribe to stay up to date about my future NI Massive projects.

Only works in Massive 1.5+.



Please Note! Massive 1.3.0  users need to convert the .ksd files to NI's new preset format via file>ksd batch convert.

Like always released under creative commons Share Alike 2.0

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  1. Ephor

    Tnx a lot!

  2. solid freebie, big ups..

  3. admin

    Cheers Guys! Enjoy m.

  4. Ephor

    hm, I can`t open it…my massive v1.1.4.
    may be I need to upgrade it to 1.1.5?

    • admin

      Yup, that should do it.

    • LIBA


      • Durk

        Just use service center, go to native-instruments.com

  5. Shadow Boxer

    Patches didn’t seem to work for me, just said cannot load file boo

    • Durk

      Are you running Massive 1.5+?

  6. Dan Rodgers


    your patches dont seem to work in my massive (1.1.4)

    • Dan Rodgers

      just noticed the above comments….

    • Durk

      Yup thats right Dan. Please update massive in NI’s Service Center to 1.5.


  7. WODAN kicks asssssss!

  8. Todd Matheny

    Very klean…!

  9. Thx, it’s fcuking great!

  10. keiran

    Any chance of the Bass hive free sample pack in mac version???

    • Durk

      since it’s not an executable file (.exe) it should work on any OS that can run a VST (if you have Massive installed). Simply load the .ksd files in massive.

  11. John Smith

    Awesome presets for Massive. I learned alot, thanks for the help!

  12. Max

    Hey..can any one tell me how to update massive i have an old version and need to get 1.5 so these sound will work.

    • Durk

      Use service center to update massive to the latest version.

  13. est8

    Comment deleted on Admins discretion.

    • Nbass

      U shouldnt be supporting ppl who obviously didnt buy the synth 😉

      • Durk

        Cheers – Should have screened that one better. *updated

  14. est8

    also you cant use service center if your copy of massive is borrowed, even if you are borrowing it until you get somewhere with it 😉

    • Durk

      Indeed. However I cannot and don’t want to condone or stimulate let alone affiliate with pirated materials on my website.

  15. Djinn


  16. Joakim


  17. Me

    my massive wont update….i dont understand why its still…..and it wont update any suggestions?

    • Durk

      Does Service center not update other intruments too? or just massive?

  18. kenny


  19. Fred

    I can’t download the pack …

    No Results Found
    The page you requested could not be found. Try refining your search, or use the navigation above to locate the post.

    can you send me an other link or what ever….

    Thx – keep your good work – peace

    • Durk

      There was a bit of server issue – re-uploaded.

  20. i have massive 2.3 and these wont work! WTF!

    • Durk


      There is a new file format – Just update the patches via file>ksd batch convert – select the folder and they will be converted to the new format. (oh and either you are a beta tester of the new Massive 2, but i think you mean 1.3.0. Cheers.)

  21. hello i have massive 1.4 and i dont know where to find the refered batch converter

    • Durk


      It’s a bit confusing – but you need to update to the newest version (thats 1.3.0) – your running 1.4 – these are created in 1.5.

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  23. The Dude

    Hey great sounds, thanks, question for Durk or Admin, I have a strange problem here, I am running Massive 1.5 with FL Studio on Windows XP, I pasted the presets into the Massive folder, although the ksd. files aren’t appearing when I try to open them from Massive, any ideas?

  24. DextrouSJM

    Honestly can’t believe how dumb so many people can be. But then I realize they are all using hooky/pirate product and are bitching about not being able to update.

    This is a damn solid patch, thanks. Maybe your instruction about the version needs to be in a bigger font – covering the whole page.


    • Durk

      Giving away free patches even gains you hat0rs on youtube believe it or not. Because they lost their work due to incompatible versions/cracked software.

  25. Midnite Radio

    sorry for being thick guys, but i am a fully paid up Komplete owner, nothing cracked on my system, yet i only have option to upgrade to version 1.3, which i did along time ago, been through the service centre, cant find an update to 1,5 anywhere??? please point me in the right direction

    • Durk

      Hey mate, no worries all is good. The devil is in the detail. Version number of NI are shortend for everyone’s confenience(confusment). Resulting in a version and 1.3.0.xxxx. The latter being the most current. so while the sortend 1.5 may seem like a newer version. 1.3 is actually the newest version.

      You can convert the .ksd files to the NEW file format for 1.3 – for more info see: http://durkkooistra.com/2010/12/cant-open-a-preset-in-massive-good-patch-keeping-practices/

      • Midnite Radio

        Wow Durk, thx for the quick reply. The only problem is, that the convert KSD option is not there in the file menu?? Im really stuck dude, thx for your help.

        • Durk

          It should be as one of the lat options called “batch convert ksd files.”

          Otherwise best thing you can do is run service center one last time – double check the menu’s in standalone and vst mode. If still nothing works post on NI’s Komplete forum

  26. OBDubstep

    why its not working for me ??

  27. Joe

    Those are some sick sounds. I love it. THANKS

  28. Ed

    Wicked sounds boys! Big up!

  29. Sebastian

    I am having a bit of trouble understanding the license, am I allowed to use one of these presets in a song and then sell that song on iTunes for example?

    Any answer is appreciated. =)

    • Durk

      Hey Sebastian – Sure, you can become the next skrillex with these presets if you like. As long as you don’t re-distribute them. Ie; you can not sell or post these patches.

  30. when i download it it just pops up like 10 files and when i click on it it says some box and exes out and wont go to it :(

    • Durk

      Sound strange – You did unzip them?

  31. slopee

    how can i get them to work for 1.3?

    • Durk

      See comments – answered multiple times.

  32. audiofunktion

    Nicely done bruv

  33. Harry

    Mate you’re a true inspiration! Your sound design skills are truly insane. I’ve been checking out the video tutorials too and listening to your tracks, these patchesd are just the icing on the cake. Some of the sounds in your tunes are on par with Amon Tobin! I need to steal your brains and garner this mysterious wisdom! haha Keep up the epic work man. You have a fan!

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  35. Eli

    Hey Durk, thanks for these patches. I’m just getting into Massive now so this will help.

    I have a quick question for you:

    In your demo audio at the top of the page, how did you create the section that starts at second 44 and ends at second 57?

    Is that a combination of some of the 10 patches or is that done with only one of them?

    I listened to each and none of them do exactly that so it seems like you combined a few but I want to be sure.

    Thanks again for the patches and for your help.

    • Durk

      They are all single instances of the patches. Try multiple keys/bends etc. Hope this helps!

  36. LöK

    Hi ! Thanks for this package. I’m testing it, and it sounds really nice ! Good job. :)

    • Durk

      Glad you like em! 😉

  37. Denis

    Servicecenter only offers 1.3.1, not 1.5. So i cant use this :/

  38. thanks a lot for those massive patches ! it’s much appresiated !

  39. D

    Sweet. Thanks man

  40. Kim


  41. mas

    you fucking whiners have to stop whining about pirated software, not every one here has rich mom and dad who can pay 100000000 for stuped software instruments. Once I make money I will buy till then go F…urselves

  42. Dan

    Where’s the DL link?

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