2 thoughts on “Island of the Day Before – Drum and Bass

  • Hey Durk, I love your blog and tutorials! Thanks for all the time you put into the tuts, yours are the only ones that REALLY keep up with today’s standards.

    Question though, you say here “Ended up in a tutorial video” but I think I must have missed it, can’t seem to find it anywhere. Especially this track has AWESOME drumwork that I’d like to know the precious details of. I’m kinda stuck (for a year and a half :p) with my drum work, I’ve got hundreds of drum/percussion/hat samples but I can’t seem to make a decent sounding drumloop, not even a bit good sounding. I hope you someday will make a tutorial about these drums :).

    • Cheers!

      I will make a collection of drum kit’s. All my sampling and instrument products will feature tutorials on how to work with it. I think this song is used in the fat reese tutorial.

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