Hey there. I'm Durk Kooistra. A sound designer from Holland.

I'm addicted to anything that resonates
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Interview with Chris Aalberts about VATMOSS (Dutch)

I have done an interview with dutch journalist Chris Aalberts about the new EU VAT rules regarding digital sales and the challenges it poses for  small internet entrepreneurs.  He ended up writing a whole series about VATMOSS using my story as an example throughout...

Helm, hackable standalone soft synth

Stumbled upon this free and open source synth for linux, OSX and Windows. It looks lovely but more importantly; if you are just getting started with coding synths and want to have a look under the hood of completed project this is a nice source to look at. Helm...

New home, new website

Finally me and my family moved in to our new house. More space for everyone! We went from having 75m2 to now a whopping 200m2 at our disposal. And not only that, it's close to the city and the beach at the time. All in all were a bunch of happy campers. I have been...

New rules affecting digital sales (mp3’s, patches etc)

I don't like writing about VAT or as North Americans call it Tax rules. But that's what this post will be about. It's about more than just the boring new rules imposed on digital traders but also the general state of things for a small entrepreneur on the the...

About Me

Thanks for stopping by! I'm Durk, a sound designer from Holland. I specialize in synthesis, tool development and interactive and linear media sound design.
I also teach students from all over the world via the internet or where ever I am invited. You can also hire me to help you on your music or sound design project locally!



I occassionally make video’s for the Humanworkshop Channel. Mostly tutorials on sound design.


I do online tutoring via youtube stream. You’ll be able to see and hear everything I do and ask questions as we go through the material.


When I make something that I think people might enjoy I upload them to the freebee section.

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